Wolfout Productions is the grinder through which every creative endeavor I undertake gets squeezed.


I’m Nate Chappell, founder of Wolfout Productions. I’m a freelance Video Shooter and Editor in Madison, Wisconsin.


I’ve been telling stories since I could talk. Always playing out scenes in my head, entertaining these waking dreams. When I was nine or ten, my Ma got us a video camera. I was hooked. That feeling of finally being able to make the scenes I imagined into a tangible thing, an object in the world, an alternate reality - I’ll never forget it. It was like learning to speak again.


It’s something I’ve really managed to hang on to, that tendency toward a wandering mind. It's why I started doing this and it's why I'm still doing it. Man, what a life. I'm lucky. And I'm good, so I've got it covered.


Thanks for coming to the site, gang. Now watch some movies already.